“In the extremely competitive real estate market of New York City it’s all too common to feel lost, scared, and alone. The incomparable Robin, through her service, does away with these feelings of helplessness: The many affordable housing opportunities this city offers are collected and sent out and she walks you through the whole process to make sure you have exactly what you need to get the apartment of your dreams. I couldn’t have done it without her and don’t have the words to express my appreciation. Simply put, Robin you are the best.

—Calder Q.

[note: Joined 9/16/10. robinslist requested 40 lottery applications. robinslist reversed the denial by drafting a successful appeal. Moved 10/1/18 into brand new 1 b/r UWS apartment. Rent=$895.]


“I have twice been a subscriber to robinslist. The most valuable aspect of robinslist is having Robin on your side when you have questions about your application’s progress. Her years of experience information, anecdotes, helped guide us to the affordable apartment of our dreams. You would never engage in a legal proceeding without an attorney, so why on earth would you embark in your affordable apartment journey without Robin?” —Catherine D.
[note: re-joined to get appeal advice…..WON THE APPEAL and moved into apartment]


“I had to renew my subscription to robinslist twice or maybe three times and then it happened! I as finally chosen for a really beautiful brand new apartment in a luxury building in Manhattan under the 80/20 program. This was try life changing as I will now be able to stay in the city of my birth. Get on robinslist. She will be in your corner all the way—just persevere!—Donald D.
[note: apartment has a washer & dryer]


“Hello Robin! I wanted to thank you for your service!! We were fortunate enough to secure a two bedroom in Village View in the East Village and are completely loving it! We bought the apartment in July and will be put on the waiting list for a three bedroom when we are here one year… Thank you again! Your service is great! Regards, —Mary-Beth T


“It took a long time…nearly 10 years as I didn’t qualify for many buildings but one, and I was 99th on their list. I thought it would never happen. This February [2014]…the offer arrived in my mailbox. I’m near Gracie Mansion!…a studio, really inexpensive [$224.64 a month], and I will qualify for a one bedroom in a year. Thanks so!” —Susan P.


“In September 2009, I moved to a beautiful one bedroom apartment in Knickerbocker Village in the Lower East Side/Chinatown area. The apartment faces a quiet courtyard and rents for $825, including electric. Without robinslist this dream apartment would never have become a reality. Her knowledge of the housing market and her warm personal touch are invaluable. Join robinslist if you wish to find the last true bargain apartments in NYC” —Manny C.
Joined 4/2006; requested application 3/2007; moved in 9/2009.